Hi! My name is Bianca Saras and I am a makeup
artist currently living in Sydney.

I love working with a wide range of styles including:


Advertorial , editorial, art, glamour and specialised shoots.


Flesh wounds, bullet wounds, Ageing and anything your imagination can dream up!


From basic camera ready to extravagant whole body makeup.

“Bianca & perfect detailing go really well together like chips & ketchup…you’ll be back for more”


Advertisement – SYA’s Green day out

“Working with Bianca, was an enjoyable process, great techniques and great understanding of the concept and I what I wanted to achieve, I would be more than happy to collaborate with her any time.”


Photoshoot – Mary Magdalene

“Thanks Bianca for your professionalism on the set of our latest production and for your attention to detail. Being a production heavily reliant on heavy make and fx your expertise helped make my job as a producer all that much more easy when I know make up is not one of the things I have to worry about when you are on our crew.”


Short film – Rise into Darkness

“Thank you Bianca Saras for being such an amazing make-up artist for our huge gypsy inspired photo-shoot yesterday. I would recommend you to every one – You came on time, you were organised and got through 6 girls make-ups very quickly. Defiantly recommending you!”



“Bianca’s passion and dedication to her craft makes her an invaluable asset to every shoot she works on. Her attention to detail is proof of her creative ability, technical skill and drive to achieve results of the highest standard. Her warm and friendly attitude ensures that she is a pleasure to work with and a great addition to any creative team.”


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Bianca Saras Makeup

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Bianca Saras

0431 298 792


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